“The smallest rock that falls from the roof shakes the world.”

Our Institute

Checkpoint Marktforschung is an owner-managed, middle-class company with 30 years of experience in the business. With professionalism, passion and our high standards we are dedicated to your specific requirements to deliver solid and exploitable results and directional recommendations.

We offer our services a context of sustainable and socially responsible behavior – not as lip service but based on our understanding of socially responsible action.

We are straightforward and honest in our communication with our clients and staff, and the way we deal with our clients’ positive brand image is characterized by sincerity and perceptibility.

Checkpoint Silver: Nobody can get past our tracking dog… without “delivering” a treat or petting him.

We will deal with your questions and task in an intensive and critical way. We will look beyond our own nose and aim at getting a holistic view: what are the factors that have an influence on the object to be researched? Our tools are expertise and passion combined with persistence, empathy and reliability.

Our objective is to deliver comprehensible and vivid results – results that confirm or question anticipated attitudes, that generate awareness, self-confidence and, if necessary, the courage to dismiss decisions and tackle processes with a new approach.