We cooperate with a network of experts from different fields such as psychology, sociology / social sciences, political science, business administration, German studies, ethnology and philosophy, NLP. As a dependable partner we rely on medium-sized, local suppliers we know instead of working with large anonymous organizations.

For us, looking at the broader picture also means integrating methods and knowledge from associated disciplines:


A morphological analysis helps organize thoughts, stimulate creativity and avoid errors in reasoning. It allows for a dynamic look at the overall picture and for focused problem solving. Morphology takes the entire multifaceted "reality" into consideration – with all its contradictoriness, unconscious motivations and decisions.

“Who'll know aught living and describe it well,
Seeks first the spirit to expel.
He then has the component parts in hand
But lacks, alas! the spirit's band.”
(Mephistopheles in Goethes Faust)

Ethnology / anthropology

Knowledge from ethnology and cultural and social anthropology allows for insights into the nature of human beings within their specific living environment. The knowledge about values, attitudes or norms as well as the resulting patterns of action and behavior are valuable parameters for a holistic look at the target group. "Diving" into the lifeworld, into the everyday environment of the respondents, allows for insights within the cultural, social and ecological context.

“If we want to discover the very core of the human being we can only find it in what humans are: and what humans are is most different.”

Semantics of the senses

“Mhhh! They are sweet and aromatic.” – “Yes, really sweet! And they are also very tasty!” Are these two people talking about the same experience? Especially when it comes to questions of taste it is nearly impossible to resort to clearly outlined and precisely defined terminology. Considering semantic criteria allows for conclusions concerning the meaning of statements made by different target groups.

„De gustibus non est disputandum“