“Those who are not curious shall not find anything out.”

Our Services

Providing insights, allowing for understanding, generating knowledge – to this end, we use a comprehensive range of modern methods and techniques. You can book our services as full service including project management from "A to Z" or as separate modules (e.g. moderation only).

Market and social research

  • Consultation on methodology
  • Development of questionnaires
  • Development of guidelines
  • Moderation
  • Fieldwork
  • Data evaluation – collection and analysis
  • Presentation
  • National and international coordination

Quantitative market research:

  • Studio tests
  • Product placements
  • POS surveys

Qualitative market research:

  • Focus group discussions
  • Workshops
  • One-on-one explorations, in-depth interviews
  • Co-creation
  • Interdisciplinary trainings, workshops 

Depending on questions, tasks and method, we will also use creative non-verbal techniques and integrate methods and techniques from associated disciplines into our analyses.